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European Film Forum Tallinn 2016 Breaking windows - tackling convergence in the European media landscape



Monday, 21 November @ Nordic Hotel Forum Tallinn Sirius



European Film Forum Tallinn — #Breaking Windows, Tackling Media Convergence? — is a full day executive level public debate and showcase conference where leaders of film, media, technology and venture capital industries discuss the global developments that impact the European Digital Single Market (DSM), and present cutting-edge products and services from the creative and tech fields.


The European Film Forum (EFF) was proposed by the European Commission in its 2014 Communication on European Film in the digital era. The aim of these events financed by the European Commission is to develop a strategic policy agenda opening up new perspectives with respect to the challenges and opportunities brought about by the digital revolution in the framework of the proposed Digital Single Market initiative. The European Commission has mandated the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival & Industry@Tallinn to organize the exclusive one day event.


EFFT16 follows the highly resonating previous edition in Tallinn by focusing on the hottest and most heated industry topic of 2016 - the dissolving of traditional content business windows and the challenges and opportunities created by new technologies, services and players in Europe's digital landscape.


Expect an engaging day with heated debates, inspirational power speeches and exhilarating fireside chats by film, content, television, technology and diversity leaders on Europe's digital future and the following topics:


How have the increased roles of digital & multi-platform media ventures telecoms, OTT players and global streaming providers impacted Europe’s and global established value chain in content production and exhibition? // What can the media and film sectors learn from the gaming/tech industry in brand and consumer storytelling and IP expansion? // What are the strategies for building global diversity in between the extremes of mega-busters and niche markets? // What are the recent developments in algorithm based marketing and advertising and how do they impact the content industry? // What can big data do and not do for the creative & content industries at the time of exponential growth? // How do you engage audiences via games, new multi-platform solutions,digital engagement and storytelling strategies? //



We're looking forward to seeing you at the EFFT16 in Tallinn!